Two Spanish wines win Grand Golds in International Organic Wine Competition B

The contest, held in Germany, is the only one of its kind authorised by the EU to carry out tastings using the PAR-System (Product-Analysis-Ranking)

‘L’Angelet Crianza 2008’ a red wine from Bodegas Palmera, under DO Utiel Requena, and ‘Verdejo 2011’ from Sitios de Bodega, under DO Rueda, each won the maximum accolade – Grand Gold – in the 3rd edition of the International Organic Wine Competition, Bioweinpreis, organised by Wine System AG in Germany. In addition, a score of Spanish wines won Gold awards and a further 19 won Silver awards.

The Gold awards went to seven red wines from Catalonia (2), Castilla-La Mancha (2), Aragón (2) and La Rioja, and three whites from Aragón, Navarra and Catalonia. Whereas the Silver awards went to reds from Castilla- La Mancha (3), Valencia (2), La Rioja (2), Castilla y León, Navarra, Aragón, and Catalonia, and three whites from Castilla-La Mancha (2) and the Canary Islands.

The competition’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it carries out tastings using the PAR-System; a tasting system whose aim is to achieve greater objectivity when rating wines by taking into account the overall sensorial effect, which allows the jury to distinguish between organic wines and those made from fungus resistant grape varieties (PIWI). As a result, most experts agree that Bioweinpreis is one of the most important tasting competitions in the sector.

Premium wines, an expert tasting panel, led by Martin Darting, the founder of the PAR-System, and the system itself, all come together to provide an objective wine evaluation which make this competition one of the most universally recognised. The results published by the contest also provide winemakers and consumers with valuable information about wines and winemakers, in particular, appreciate the exceptional opportunity to compare their own wines with an international benchmark and boost the value of their products via the competition’s prestigious awards.

In the competition’s 2012 edition a total of 17 Grand Golds, 131 Golds and 186 Silvers were awarded.

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